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At Impuria, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. We are here to support you with both the perfect aesthetic choice but also the perfect fit. With our guide, we will carefully and clearly walk you on how to choose the proper size for your ear piercing. 

There are 4 main factors to remember:

  • Gauge size refers to the thickness of the piercing. 
  • Barbell lengths refers to the wearable barbell length of studs.  
  • Diameter is used to measure hoops. 
  • Our chart is a standard guide. Your own personal sizes may differ, as everyone’s body is different.  If you are unsure about your personal size, we would recommend contacting your original piercer to get the exact measurements.


Gauge sizing is basically how thick the bar is. The thicker the barbell, the lower the size of the gauge. For example, a 14 gauge (14G) barbell is thicker than a 16 gauge (16G) barbell. The standard gauge size for most ear piercings is 16G.

Gauge Size to Inches to Millimeters Conversion Chart

20G 0.032" 0.8mm
18G 0.040" 1.0mm


14G 0.064" 1.6mm



Length specifically refers to the wearable barbell portion that goes through your piercing. It does not include the jewels, charms, or balls. You only need to measure from the top to the bottom of the straight barbell, as per the guide below.  

 Length Conversion Millimeters to Inches

4.7mm 3/16"
6.4mm 1/4"
8mm 5/16"
9.5mm 3/8"
11mm 7/16"
13mm 1/2"
14mm 9/16"
16mm 5/8"
19mm 3/4"
22mm 7/8"
24mm 15/16"
25mm 1"
38mm 1 1/2"

Ear piercing jewelry at Impuria.com

Ear Piercing Jewelry - www.Impuria.com

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Diameter is for measurement of the size of round piercings including hoops, horseshoes, captive bead rings, and segment rings. To measure diameter, start from the center of the circle to the rim as per the guide below.  

Diameter Conversion Millimeters to Inches

6.4mm 1/4"
8mm 5/16"
9.5mm 3/8"
11mm 7/16"
13mm 1/2"
14mm 9/16"
16mm 5/8"


Recommended Hoop Earrings Size Guide for Cartilage Ear Piercings


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When measuring the crystal size of ear piercing jewelry, accuracy is key for the perfect fit. Begin by utilizing a millimeter ruler to measure the diameter of the crystal. For studs or barbells determine the crystal's width.  Ensure precision by measuring across the widest part of the crystal. Remember to account for any settings or embellishments around the crystal that might affect the size. Accurate measurements ensure that the jewelry fits comfortably and accentuates your ear piercing beautifully.

Earring Stud Size Guide for Cartilage Ear Piercing

Crystal Width Stud Sizing Guide - Impuria Ear Piercing Jewelry

Crystal Width Stud Sizing Guide - Impuria Ear Piercing Jewelry


Ear Piercing Sizing Guide - www.Impuria.com

Cartilage / Helix / Flat Piercings  

Helix piercings are often loved by women who want a simple but elegant look. The beauty of the cartilage ear piercing is in how it provides room for imagination and creativity. You could try some unusual variations, such as double or even triple piercings! The piercing is a great location for star-shaped cartilage stud earrings or with stunning hoops. 

Typical gauge sizes for cartilage and helix piercings are 16G, 18G, or 20G. The majority of our jewelry is 16G and 18G, which is the most common size for ear piercings. Please check with your piercer to confirm your gauge size if you are not certain.

Stud earring post lengths are typically 6-8mm. A smaller size is generally preferred to prevent the earring from sticking out too far. Depending on how thick your cartilage is, some customers prefer 6 mm to prevent poking. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority and we offer the choice of flat or round backs on our jewelry studs for your comfort. Our most popular stud set is the Sparkle Piercing avaliable here, it comes in silver, gold and rose to suit any style.

Our hoop earrings have the same diversity. We offer various thickness levels and diameters specifically tailored for your personal preferences. A great option is the Glitter Crystal Pave Hoop  avaliable here, which adds shine to any image in rose, gold and silver.


Forward Helix Piercings

A cute forward helix piercing is a subtle and sassy style of jewelry done at the top front of the ears. The helix is the outer rim of your ear, which means the forward helix is the front side of this rim. This is an ideal location to experiment with different looks as you can choose any design and color with single, double, or triple piercings. The studs and gauge are both typically 16G with a shorter 6mm hidden post so the focus stays on the jewels. Try out the Toki crystal set here that comes in gold, silver and rose!


Ear Lobe Piercings  

Lobe piercings are the most popular style of piercing due to their incredible variety and versatility. You can easily find your own unique voice with simple studs, classy hoops, or dazzling dangles. The lobe, being a soft part of the ear, can stretch and fit larger gauges of 16G, 18G, and 20G. This wider area is perfect for experimenting and personalizing your distinctive earring style. Whether it’s a minimalist single stud or a kaleidoscopic stacked array, we promise that whatever your beauty needs are, Impuria will meet them. Many people love the Eli Crystal Huggies that come in rose, silver and gold check them out here!


Rook Piercings

Rook piercings are a popular choice, often picked because they can both compliment other ear piercings or stand out on their own. We offer a large variety of jewelry to make even the smallest of gems into a powerful statement. Curved barbells are the most popular jewelry type for rook piercings. Seamless hoops and clickers also fit the rook piercing, giving that subtle elegance.  The usual curved barbell gauge size is 16G with 8 mm length. Should you wish to get hoops, we recommend checking with your piercer for their measurements to ensure the best fitting earring for this delicate area. Our Ari Crystals are a very popular choice and come in silver, gold and rose, click here to check them out.


Daith Piercings

The simple, classic look of a daith piercing is incredibly popular. Often chosen for its simple hoop design, it has a subtle beauty that compliments any other style of piercing. A known pressure point, daith piercings are often associated with relief of migraines and headaches. Whether for health or beauty, our hoops are guaranteed to meet all of your personal aesthetic needs. Impuria offers both the simple, stylish silver hoop for an everyday accessory and the dazzling gem-encrusted design for an exciting night out. The normal daith gauge is 16G with a diameter or 8mm, and the simple design comes in a wide variety of color, including shining silver, glittering gold or radiant rose. A good choice is the Glitter Crystal Pave Eternity Hoop that is selling out rapidly here


Tragus Piercings 

The Tragus piercing is a subtle and unconventional style.  A common choice is a stud with a flat disc backing so that the back of the jewelry doesn’t stick into your ear canal, such as our Toki Crystal set. Straight barbells are an excellent option for the simple, clean look. A single gem, such as opal, makes a small but noticeable statement. A very popular choice is the Aura Opal which comes in silver, gold and rose.  Avaliable here.

Alternatively, the classic hoop earring, is an option for those who want to combine a delicate aesthetic with the bold location. The most common gauge size is 16G, and for studs the 6mm length prevents sticking out. For those who choose the hoop option, we recommend 6 mm diameter measurements. As always, we recommend confirming with your piercer for any measurements you are unsure of.


Conch Piercings

A conch piercing is a bold statement that stands out from the normal lobe earring choice. The distinctive location on the outer rim of the ear works incredibly well with both simple hoops or bold gemstone studs. Since this location is so customizable, any choice of jewerly will be Insta-worthy and match with all other ear piercings you may have.

For hoops and studs, the usual gauge size is 16G with a post length of 6mm. We generally recommend a diameter of 8mm for hoops, but, as always, check with your piercer if you are unsure of the exact measurements. Our Glitter Crystal Pave Hoop avaliable here, is one of the most popular choices for conch piercings!


Snug Piercings

Snug piercings are a small and subtle design that can fill people with quiet confidence. Small curved barbells are the ideal jewelry choice for this delicate area. Even with Bold statements can be made with the tiny gemstones; the curved barbell’s close double beads can give a unique double-pierced look. 

 A larger barbell will stick out slightly for that standout effect, whereas a shorter choice will be flush against the skin for a softer style. In most cases, snug piercings use a 16G barbell with a post length of 8mm. Our wide variety of barbell choices will allow you to find the perfect match for the cute, soft look you desire. The Ari Crystal Prong is an incredibly popular snug choice, available here in silver, gold and rose.


Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings are a loud and proud jewelry choice. Once associated with the punk scene, they have expanded to those who want to be stylish and unashamed of their choices. String a straight barbell, such as our silver arrow, through the two piercings for the strong industrial look. Alternatively, go for the more refined and elegant look of a shiny silver bar with a cute flower charm in the middle. Check out the Holly Opal here for that perfect outfit addition!

Our variety of industrial barbells offer you the choice of a charm in the middle or the bold minimalist look of a straight barbell. The typical barbell size is 14G, whereas the post length is dependant upon where the piercer placed holes. It is important to measure your current jewelry for an accurate post length so we can offer you the properly sized barbell.

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Impuria stands by these values as our commitment to you, the customer. We appreciate being your choice, and in turn we offer confidence and satisfaction that will last a lifetime.

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