5 Tips to Heal Your Ear Piercing Fast

Now that you've made your choice, let's discuss what to do after the piercing. Proper care and maintenance of your new piercing are vital aspects of your daily routine. We want to prevent infection, after all! For more information on dealing with potential issues, please refer to my other blog entry. For now, let's focus on aftercare.

  1. Hygiene! Clean the piercing at least twice a day with a saline solution, then promptly rinse with warm water and gently pat dry using a clean towel. Always rinse because failing to do so may cause saltwater to irritate and dry out your skin. Avoid using harsh chemicals; this method is the best way to keep your piercing clean and reduce the risk of bacterial infection. It can also expedite the healing process, allowing you to show off your jewelry sooner.

  2. Adjust your sleeping habits! To avoid putting too much pressure on the new piercing, consider sleeping on your back more frequently. Alternatively, try using a travel pillow, which can prevent you from accidentally sleeping on your piercing and causing improper healing.

  3. Don't change your jewelry prematurely! Refrain from swapping out the initial jewelry until the piercing has fully healed. The recommended healing time can vary depending on the type of piercing. We also advise having your piercer handle the jewelry change, as the initial jewelry can be challenging to remove, and piercing studios have specialized tools that minimize the risk of damage or movement.

  4. Keep your hands off! Reducing contact with your fresh piercing minimizes the risk of infection and helps expedite the healing process. Your hands can carry bacteria that may introduce infections.

  5. Perform daily checks! Regularly inspect the piercing for any signs of irritation or infection. If you experience persistent pain or swelling that hasn't subsided after two days, consider consulting a medical professional.

Stay beautiful and stay safe!

5 Tips to Heal Your Ear Piercing Fast - www.Impuria.com

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