Ear Piercings as Acupuncture Therapy Points - www.Impuria.com

Ear Piercings as Acupuncture Therapy Points - www.Impuria.com

There’s lots of conflicting information out there about whether piercings can help with headaches and other bodily pain. I’ve had a lot of piercings done, and I can say there’s definitely something to the idea—but how much and how effective it is, that’s different from person to person. Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice using pressure points to treat various problems across the body. The ear, with over 300 acupressure points, definitely affects the rest of the body when the right pressure is applied. When you pierce the area, it gets stimulated all day with a tiny bit of pressure depending on your earring.

So what does this mean for you? 

Well, that depends on what you feel you’d like to experiment with. There are those who believe you can relieve many forms of pain, such as menstrual cramps, by piercing the corresponding area on the ear—in this case, the rook. Or there are those who believe insomnia can be helped with piercing the upper ear, such as with a helix piercing. Here is a list of what I’ve learned:

Daith – Migraines.

This pressure point is often used to release anxiety. Since the stress of daily life that is a common cause of migraines, there may be a benefit in this pressure point towards lowering how anxious one feels.

Tragus – Weight loss/appetite control.

Acupuncturists say putting pressure on this tiny area can help control sugar cravings. Lowering one’s appetite, especially when stress-eating, can definitely play a role in trying to lose weight.

Conch – Chronic pain and tension.

When getting acupuncture, this area is commonly used for people who are constantly feeling tense. The muscle relaxing affects can help you de-stress and lower the tight tension caused by daily pressures.

Rook – Stress/pain relief.

Some acupuncturists have said that focusing on this portion of the ear can fix the flow of energy associated with stress. As a woman, I feel the regular pain of menstrual cramps is somewhat lessened when I get the right pressure points activated on my body. Perhaps this will also work for you!

Helix – Insomnia.

Do you have problems sleeping? Some acupuncturists say that this area will help cure this. By applying the right amount of pressure, it may help you calm your nerves and relax when going to bed.

Upper Lobe – Depression.

There are those who claim that they felt better after getting this area pierced. I can personally say I always feel happier and more confident whenever I get a new piercing—perhaps this is the pressure point that will work for you?

Industrial – Allergies.

I get hayfever in the summer, so I have sympathy for anyone who also suffers allergies every year. Some acupuncturists say that the top of the ear can help lessen the allergic reaction. Do you suffer from the constant sneezing when the seasons change? Maybe this is the area to look into.

Everyone is different, however, and this would be something you’d have to try for yourself and see. Never be afraid to experiment!


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